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Observe, track, communicate!

Posted on August 6, 2015 by

As we partner with families to help children achieve developmental milestones, often times we get questions from family friends or relatives about when should a child perform a certain skill. They are trying to determine if everything is ok and … Continue reading

5 Great Summer Activities for Kids with Special Needs

Posted on by

Summer is here! Kids are ready to enjoy fun in the sun. Here are some great activities that can help promote your child’s cognitive, social, language and motor skills while engaging in sensory exploration. 1. Paint with ice? Mix watercolor … Continue reading

4 Summer Survival Tips for Parents

Posted on by

1. School is out! Let the fun begin! or should we say Let the Routine Continue! Once school is out, don’t let the daily routine established during the school year go out the window. You will want to keep your … Continue reading

Warning Signs…

Posted on by

Not knowing when your child is supposed to perform a certain skill can be frustrating. Listed below are some warning signs that may indicate your child is at risk for developmental delay: -Fails to develop sounds or words that would … Continue reading

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